A Letter from the Chairman, NYE County, NV.

I have been struggling with how to convey what is happening. Then I read this article! It says everything I have been struggling to find the words for! The following article is from the Nye County, NV. GOP Central Committee. From nyegop.org:


This entire article is copied from “The Richardson Post“! I thought it important enough to share it! By Howell Woltz – November 24, Words fail me to describe the profundity of this news Legendary Special Forces (Green Beret) hero, Christopher C. Miller, has been

International Conspiracy to commit a Coup on the President of the United States!

And is being perpetrated by the Democrats in Congress and the Deep State. An article I wrote from October 2019 from www.yoursmart.com. Just to keep you all up to date. In the months since I wrote this article, Kevin Clinesmith (A former

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