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    Patriot RonPatriot Ron

    Hey folks,

    Our country is in bad shape, with all the riots and protest from the left. With ANTIFA, BLM, far Right Groups and Politicians creating chaos and destroying cities in all the states run by Democrats, we MUST start an organization of Patriots to confront these issues….

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    I never would have believed that these dark days would come in my lifetime. It is our responsibilty to restore our way of life, simply because we watched it fail and did nothing..

    Patriot RonPatriot Ron

    Right there with you GregMuffler! And now with the Cop shooting in Wisconsin, there will be MORE hate and discontent. We must get organized!


    Hello I was referred by a friend a fellow patriot… I am having some issues with navigation and posting can you please help? I was told you are the person to talk to. I am also promoting to all my patriot friend to come here and sign up!

    Patriot RonPatriot Ron

    How can I help?

    Please do not make the post sticky at this time.

    There are 6 forums that you can use on this system.


    Ohhh I am sorry! I am trying to figure out this site to upload videos that have been being blocked all over that are Whistle-blowers and law and order… Also is there messaging on this platform? Did I make a sticky? Sorry… I am UBER PC and net savvy I just don’t see what I am looking for to post on my profile.

    Patriot RonPatriot Ron

    I would suggest creating a “Bitchute” account at Then after you post your video up there. You can create a link to in from you forum posts.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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